Move Right

What Is Move Right?

Move Right is a medical software product that uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to track patient movement. It’s like an ingenious mirror – as you watch yourself exercising, you see when each step is done properly in real-time! The physical therapist views the results, such as the number of repetitions completed, to motivate and optimize treatment.

Why Use Move Right?

Move Right is a low-cost, flexible product that is tailored to individual patients, potentially with multiple problems. It enhances communication between the physical therapist and the patient and is very easy to use.

Are Paper Exercise Sketches Confusing?

Move Right offers an advantage over current exercise sketches, photos or videos by providing immediate and automated feedback to help the patient match each step. Instead of trying to imitate someone else, the patient sees himself or herself in the exact position the therapist requires for each step.

What Does Move Right Software Do?

Move Right software lets the physical therapist create unique exercises for each patient. It monitors the patient as they exercise, and encourages them to complete the prescribed number of repetitions accurately.

A demonstration video of Move Right will be available soon!