What is a Kinect?

Microsoft originally developed the Kinect for video games. It is a motion-sensing 3D camera. Groundbreaking software is now being developed for many diverse applications. The first time you see one, you will be amazed as the Kinect responds to you!

Kinect in Action

If you haven't seen the Microsoft Kinect in action, here are links to three videos:

  • the sample projects and fascinating video for the Microsoft Kinect Effect
  • a Kinect-based fitness program, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
  • Best Kinect Games

    Move Right Software

    Move Right software requires specific hardware at the physical therapist’s office to create exercises and to monitor patient exercise in the office. Patients who have comparable hardware at home can use Move Right to monitor their exercise as often as it is prescribed. Connectivity between the physical therapist’s office and the patient’s home is provided through Move Right Health cloud software.

    Move Right Hardware

    The following hardware is required for 3D exercise:

  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows.
  • Windows 7 or 8 PC (dual-core 2.6 GHz) with a comfortably large screen

  • Possible configurations include: an all-in-one computer with a touch screen and large screen, or a laptop or desktop/micro connected to a TV or large monitor. While the software does not require a specific screen size, the “desirable” size may vary for each patient. We’ve found 23-24” screens to work well in tests. Additional specifications from Microsoft are detailed here.

    Kinect Technical Information

    Microsoft provides additional technical information about the Kinect. A summary of tech specs, installation, lighting tips and other useful information and links are provided here.