About Us

Founding Story

Judy’s interest in computer graphics began at Stanford where graduate projects were “serious games”, developed for value beyond entertainment. The concept for Move Right originated when her father needed physical therapy for his shoulder. Despite having a good physical therapist, he couldn’t do his exercises properly at home. When the Kinect was introduced, graphics technology finally existed to develop the software to help patients.

What do we do

We help physical therapists help their patients get well.

Other Products

In addition to the Kinect, other sensors can be used to help people. One example is the SmartHat, developed in December 2011. Another is Move Right Steps, currently under development.


We are dedicated to help physical therapists help their patients.

Who we are

Judy Snow
Judy Snow is an entrepreneurial executive who applies the discipline of engineering and the creativity of computer science to help people solve problems in diverse industries. She founded Technical Expressions consulting with a strong technical track record for delivering projects as well as broad business experience. As founder of Move Right Health, she has developed both the business plan and the product prototypes, which are now being tested by patients. Education: Stanford MS Computer Engineering; University of Louisiana at Lafayette BS Computer Science
Ellen Herrick
Ellen Herrick’s background in computer science and finance is ideally suited to build Move Right’s B2B offering. She consults extensively with small businesses, the size of many PT clinics. Her past experience includes network security, service trials and deployment. Education: Purdue MS Computer Science; University of Connecticut BS Computer Engineering.